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Our imagination knows no borders. Our diversity sublimates in wild and elegant expression. Our practicality resourceful innovates. We write, we paint, we dance, we sew, we make music, we design, we create whatever comes to vision through us.

To find deep wisdom - use the Arts - that is true intelligence.

Art happens in the contemplation between meditation and concentration. 

Our hands point to the quintessence - the jewel of life is in our hands.
— Richard Rudd

serious art is born out of serious play

imagimo started as a passion & love for painting, design & the health of our planet to make costumes and accessories for Burningman and other festivals. Many times approached with excitement and awe, people asked where to get one of those unique pieces. A decision was made, an idea was born. To consciously create beauty and contribute to humanity and other peoples joy through our Art & Design.

We guarantee a better circular economy through selecting individual existing pieces, whole or broken, new or used, and form something new. None of the combinations of style, patterns, textures and materials repeat. Makes imagimo wear sophisticated and one of a kind. An upcycling fashion revolution.

Our creations are available for anyone who gets inspired and touched by the imagination and mission to make this world a better place through creativity, love and care for our environment.

We re-invest 11% of revenues into local & global charities or companies which develop solutions that tackle environmental problems.

Through art we share ourselves, we connect through the translation of emotions to one another. Art is our golden path across the moonlight to true inner beauty.
— Nadine Blochberger

Did you know? Fashion Industry Facts:

  • the clothing and textile industry is on average the 5th most polluting industry in carbon emissions

  • nearly 20% of global waste water is produced by the fashion industry

  • non-biodegradable clothes take 20 to 200 years to biodegrade

  • the average person buys 60 % more items of clothing every year and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago, generating a huge amount of waste

Read full article and facts.

The move to a circular economy for fashion requires a creative and systemic rethink. The challenge of redesigning the fashion industry as we know it today is too big for any single brand or organisation to do on its own. That’s why we need a truly collaborative approach in developing new solutions and scaling the ones that work in the long term.

Reuse to reduce. Let’s make Art & Fashion circular. Enjoy wearing a piece of magic.

upcycled fashion design portfolio

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Want to rework & upcycle your waredrobe ?

Our creations

The Artwork in this gallery is excited to find a new friend & home. Find pricing and availability with a klick to our etsy shop or use the contact form below. We are taking custom orders too.


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