the story



magic moments

Perhaps the greatest gift of our time is being able to observe and accept life just as it is. We are here as passenger consciousness to watch the imperfect perfection of our forms on this plane. That is the magic. When we live correctly as ourselves, we have unique and original observations about what we observe and can offer them to others. But what is the Art of Life itself?

Our life is a work of art in progress. It cannot be dictated to us by the expectations of others. Our essence is expressed in the world through the choices we make about how we wish to live. Life is always mundane. Like it or not. This is life. But it’s about who we are in that process. Are we constantly trapped in the whole mental trip of being on this planet? Or instead just seeing that this mechanism is designed to exist? What if we can sit back and let it be, we can watch it? We can see that it is something really marvellous and can be more fun and joyous? That takes courage. To align the self with the flow of life.
Every human has a unique way of looking at the world. A unique way that is correct for us, precisely correct. We are here to see that, and we are here to do something special with that seeing. We only get to it individual and uniquely, but the moment we achieve it, is the moment we turn around and do what we do best: communicate. This magic of awareness communicated.

We are here to filter the consciousness field, to filter it as purely as we can and share it. And most of us have the same goal – to find the truth. There is our personal truth and the greater truth. Therefore, infinite numbers of paths as living beings on earth. All paths and perceptions are equal and valid, it is the ability to see this.

To look at things from a black or white perspective limits our spectrum of true experience. And so, there is a graceful gift we received – the beauty of individuality. And this power comes from aligning the self with the inner truth, not the general consensus. To walk the path in the middle - the golden path: An investigation of all our cognitive abilities in creative equilibrium. Through intellect, inner guidance, receptivity and transmutation. That’s our own golden path - the path of the heart:

The door that we need to know upon us and pass through is within us. It’s not to find in any teacher, priest, or master. And we only find it when we make the effort, when we do our part. Hence when we go to the root and not just clearing symptoms. When we come into alignment and integrate body, soul and spirit. So, we can bridge heaven and earth. It is not like goal setting and forcing ourselves to get there, but more envisioning and always trust it. The illumination of the self is vision. Our inner vision, to become more imaginative. And the only certainty we have is that here is always uncertainty, even in the greatest genius.

Life is magic. Magic moments are happening, when we neither purely forcing, nor purely allowing, but let our forms drive us and surrender the mind in the contemplation to this worldly duality perfection – it is already there. And like the waves in the ocean, these moments come and go.

So, just be.