collaborative dreaming


We believe working with others creatively is a way to allow the heart to grow and expand the possibility to leverage, to innovate, make a positive difference & elevate this world. 

It is a chance for us to learn how to honour ourselves and others, and to find ways to live and let live, simply by growing and strenghtening our active trust.



Nadine Blochberger is a monthly reoccuring featured expert author for the online magazine viviamaridi, focused on the topics of spirituality,Love & relationships

Viviamaridi derives its name from the Italian language for Live, Love, and Laugh. Its goal is to serve as a digital hub for conversations about well-being, self-improvement and performance, with an emphasis on living a satisfying life.

Through its distinct mix of Live, Love and Laugh, and a suite of science-based expert knowledge, Viviamaridi aims to help and empower you in attaining the best life possible so that you can LIVE every moment, LOVE beyond words, and LAUGH every day.



Living in accordance with the authentic self, true communication, surrendering to life, and much more is discussed in this interview with Nadine Blochberger. 

In The Shoes Of is a movement. It is an ideological weapon to go head to head with "us vs. them" mentalities, exclusionary tribalism, polarization; all of these are byproducts of outdated cultural constructs and...fear.

In whatever medium used, the goal is to see life as much as possible through the eyes of another with the hope of eliminating some misunderstandings we have of one another. 

Perception is unique to the individual, as it should be. However, sometimes we all need to try and widen the horizon of our finite worldviews. Sometimes just trying makes all the difference.

“We need specialists, but the future belongs to generalists”

Interview with Nadine Blochberger

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