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mentor sessions

(1:1 or group setting)

  • allow yourself to be more, and do less

  • identify your unique self

  • learn to trust your inner unconventional voice

  • show up as your authentic, unusual beauty and express your diversity

  • allow lasting transformational change in mind, body and emotions

  • create the right conditions for expansion

  • experience more magic moments

  • live in an effortless connection within all your relationships, nature and life itself

holistic advice

  • how to orchestrate complex topics and understand the connection between seemingly unrelated patterns, areas and topics

  • learn to work and live resourceful, allow better decisions for yourself and your business

  • solve the root cause of problems, not just the symptoms

  • how to thrive as a generalist in a world which is focused on specialists

upcycled art & fashion

  • magical unique pieces for your wardrobe or home inspired by life itself

  • up to 90% re- and upcycled products

  • contribute to a better circular economy


  • awake your inner artist: free your mind, learn to play and experiment again, allow greater creativity, find keen solutions & joy

  • conscious connections: elevate human connected communication, learn soft-skills that matter, build meaningful private and business relationships

  • insight & expansion: become a conscious leader or mentor, learn to ask curious questions, generate true impact and leave a positive legacy in the world

speaker sessions

  • that catalyze your audience to evoke a sense of inclusion

  • which inspire or awake people, provoke thought & create a special energy in the room


  • to create art, fashion & other projects to encourage people, stimulate growth and elevate the world

***no one-size fits all approach. individual People need individual solutions. we customize our services to your own needs & market.***

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