Imagine a world where wonder become visible

This is a wake-up call to make correct decisions for yourself in life.

  • free the wild mind, head to heart by radical reframeing to find creative solutions

  • your compass to navigate with ease & follow your own golden path

  • a multi-layered holistic approach to generate valuable impact

  • receive deep insights and transformational reflections

Why is that important?

  • become anchored in a deep sense of purpose as a knowing within the cells of our body

  • purify, intensify & clarify your inner life in order to manifest your outer life

  • bring together different aspects of life into an integrated harmony

  • find inspiration to create conscious beauty

  • achieve a state of individuation

  • connect through art

  • at any moment

We believe in the empowerment of our individual uniqueness

We expand through the reawakening of our creativity and inner artist. We discover our true authentic essence and express ourselves freely. We can experience more magic moments and live in an effortless, truly fulfilling and open-hearted connection within all our relationships, nature and life itself.

a space for being - imagimo

the golden path to our individual uniqueness

By knowing ourselves with more understanding and awareness, we can live the life we were Designed to live. Our life is a work of art in progress. It cannot be dictated to us by the expectations of others. Our essence is expressed in the world through the choices we make about how we wish to live. Life is always mundane. Like it or not. This is life. But it’s about who we are in that process. Are we constantly trapped in the whole mental trip of being on this planet? How it should be or not be? What is right or wrong? Or instead recognize that this is a mechanism designed to exist? What if we can sit back and let it be, we can watch it? We might see that it is something really marvellous and life can be more fun and joyous. That takes courage. To align the self with the flow of life…

there is not only one way or solution, but many.

For each of us, and our businesses. The collectively distorted world makes us believe our “otherness” is a misfit, too weird, too eccentric, we’re not good enough. We only need to follow best practices, methods or strategies to achieve goals. To find and define ourselves like everyone else. Which makes us feel more rejected as to belong somewhere.

Objectivity gets removed out of an equation, whenever methods get produced. When you get a method, product or solution suggested, be mindful. Stop, think and feel into it. Question it. Is this right for me, right now? Or do I just want to feel accepted, have a quick fix or instant gratification? To call something best practice is not a replacement for discernment, knowledge or creativity. To look at things from a black or white perspective limits our spectrum of true experience. Our individuality gets ignored. But it is our greatest asset.

This is not only about differentiation; it is about our individual uniqueness to be unleashed. To discover our inner truth as we move to become more self-empowered. This is what we are here for.

Individuality also bares potential danger – too much selfishness, egocentrism, narrow-mindedness and intolerance. Those indications are already spreading like an epidemic today. It is going to get worse & could cause rebellion unless we adjust the way we are heading.

How can we unite our individuality without losing our diversity?


the story goes: once upon a time…

Imagine the story of your life here. Coming soon. We are currently creating magic.


we are drowning in knowledge, while we are starving for wisdom

We live in a complex world, and a society led by narcissists. Our perception is deliberately disturbed so that we do not see the true problems. Even if we know what the problems are, it is a paradox that we always repeat old patterns. We live in spirals with used re-enactment and repetition compulsion. On individual and global level. A complex world, yet it can be so simple.

We need specialists, but the future belongs to generalists

The core problem in our society: we solve symptoms, instead of the cause. Which results in no or only short-term improvements. Single-minded leaders are tenaciously at the forefront in pursuit of their own agenda and ignorance of the wider impact they have on the world. Even with good intentions, wrong decisions are made or not fully thought through. Problems get bigger or just change shape and form, instead of solved. If we change this, a lot of other issues, e.g. economics, environmental, politics, relationships, education & health will resolve by itself. It is a chain reaction.

We need generalists first before we can solve specific problems. People who have a big picture view and holistic understanding. People who can establish the interrelation between seemingly unrelated topics, situations and departments. People who can orchestrate context, know if we pull a string in a certain direction, results or implications are clear for other people, areas and the whole world. Resources of any kind get effectively reused to reduce, savvy cooperations arise to support and optimize.

We need more unconventional thinkers, but even more, than ever we need more sensors and reflectors who can unite, guide and orchestrate that thinking.
— Nadine Blochberger

the way we play, day by day - our tools

Every tool in itself is neither good nor bad, but it is only through the way of use.

conscious leadership

Leadership is not an expertise; it is a constant education. If leaders are not aware and awake, how can they lead themselves, other people, a company, a project or country ever to fulfilment, unity, success or achievement? How can they have a positive impact on anything?

“True Leadership is like a love lock, it showcases your heart to everyone.”

effective communication

Our relationships are one of the most powerful tools we have. We invent advanced digital and technical platforms to make communication better and easier. How can these interfaces ever work between us, if we cannot properly communicate with each other face to face?

“Communication is the secret key to a heart, either to close or open the lock.”


diverse art

There is beauty in endless diversity. Art is not limited, it can be anything. Art is a portal to the unknown, wisdom, mysteries, new ways, forbidden things and answers to curious questions. How can we ever free our mind and innovate when we are not being creative?

“Art is the connected doorway of the heart for individual keys and locks, to open up possibilities to find deep wisdom.”


allow your gold to unfold - how we work


We are all here in this matrix to show up completely as ourselves and to interact with others and the material world in a very unique way to fulfill specific roles throughout our life. It’s a wonderful thing to love yourself and rediscover the dignity of what it is to be you. It is truly magic.

Do you have the courage to explore what that looks like to live life as yourself?


we free the wild mind, head to heart. radical reframe. find new solutions. break open from needless conditioning, conventional beliefs. unlearn cultural morals. play and connect with your creative vein. awake your inner artist. uniquely to you.



we challenge the status quo. allow correct decisions. connect patterns. build competence and autonomy. lead your soul to true self. reflect, think, feel differently. get clarity. more choices become available. life takes on more colour and possibility. 



we build profound relationships. with yourself, with a partner and business collaborations. heal your heart. learn softskills. embrace the right values. alchemize emotions. embody new behaviour. share it. communicate effectively. inspire others.


“The ingenious curiosity to always see th

e wonders of this world is the golden key.”

Nadine Blochberger